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What Can Elon Musk Expect in 2023?

What can Kanye West expect in 2023? Astrological insight. Before I get into it, I’m Clarissa, Beauty, Wellness, and Spiritual Guru. I’m here to give you insights and information using my spiritual tools such as tarot, astrology, spiritual knowledge, and intuition. So let’s get into it.


Sun in 12th House Conjunct Jupiter

Looking at Kanye West’s chart, there are so many factors that contribute to what is going on in his life at the moment.

Looking at Kanye West’s natal chart, he has a Sun in Gemini, in the 12th, conjunct Jupiter. Meaning that his son illumination his ego presence. His personality explores the space of the subconscious and explores the space that is behind what is seen. He navigates this space in a way that he can concentrate on building a belief system with his Jupiter Conjunct.

There’s a wisdom here and natural wisdom that comes out, and this is where we can see the genius mindset, the ability to be able to dive into the belief system that is further than we are conditioned to have, understanding the structures and the archetypes that we belong to and why we belong to them.

But this also means that Kanye West is going to feel confined by social structures and social expectations all the time. He’s gonna feel to a point that the subconsciousness of society and as human beings is controlling or is confining him in a way. He believes that he cannot escape the limitations of what human beings have created, psychospiritually, organisational, generational, and societal.

Pisces Moon T-Square Neptune & Sun Conjunct Jupiter

His moon in Pisces t-Square, Neptune and his Sun conjunct Jupiter. This is where the mindset has the ability to go beyond. This is where he can have the ability to go into the point of fantasy, into the point of extreme exploration of the mindset and human consciousness, delving into what are the boundaries of life. What are the boundaries of reality? Where else can we navigate? This is where we see the loosening of reality because Kanye West has the ability to be able to comfortably navigate the in between the lines of life, this is where he feels comfortable, and this is where he gets inspiration. The ideologies that he develops in these spaces are reinforced and compounded because through those spaces, he has the actual ability to make them real. He has the ability to manifest those ideologies and beliefs.

So What Can Kanye West Expect in 2023?

With the north node in Libra at 29 degrees, loosely conjunct Pluto in the fourth house sextile Saturn in Leo in the second house. This gives a transformative relationship between money, finances, value and also home and maternal life.

He will find that the concept of home will always be changing. He will find that the space of the home is where he gets the most transformation. The concept of motherhood, home and family consistently go through a rebirthing process, he always going through this process of having to change his concepts. What is womanhood? What is motherhood? What is family? What is nurture? There is a distinct relationship between his value and finances and the state and structure, security and stability of his home life. When he goes through unexpected changes, this is when he feels as though he wants to lean more on family life. To feel secure in the things that are around him.

Kanye West Progressed Chart & Transits for 2023

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 In 2023, Kanye West will have to revisit some old situations that have been there under the surface. With the transiting north node in Aries conjuncting, his south node in Aries, there’s going to be opportunities for him to reestablish how he combats things that come towards him, old situations, cycles, the way he deals with things in a driven, aggressive way, assertive way. Those things are going to be addressed again. The transiting south node in Libra conjunct his north node in Libra at 29 degrees. The destabilisation of some partnerships will also come to the forefront to be dealt with being part again of his soul’s calling. He has to listen to his intuition at this point, his partnerships that will have a transformative effect are ultimately going to be the ones that have the most benefit. The ones where he can truly see the truth in a situation. To be able to differentiate between good and bad advice is going to be the way forward.

A shadow figure of Kanye West Performing on stage with red and orange lighting tones

What is Kanye West Long Term Goal?

Again, Kanye West is going to be examining his concept of structure, foundation and also home. There will also be some radical changes regarding his career with the transiting Uranus over his progressed Midheaven, meaning that his sense of change is finally gonna be here. The liberation that he has wanted is going to be presented in some way. He is going to be feeling good about the new radical changes that he is facing. He has felt that control has become outside of his control and outside of his power. He has to just let God, let God in a sense. He’s going to feel much better about the direction that things are going in, even if it means having to compromise his concept of foundation and security. And all of this will all be on show.

What is Kanye West's Mindset

He will still have to consider the things that he says as his words feel as though they’re a gift and a burden. He will continue to project the struggle of the underdog, the undervalued, and the underestimated, and his following will build because of this on us. Ultimately does feel as though his walk is destined, that he’s anointed, that the things that he goes through, walking into the fire, are the things that have to be seen, acknowledged and recognised by himself and others so they can live through him vicariously. His followers can understand the struggles of the glass ceiling, the social controls and the limitations within society.

Ultimately, the things that Kanye West wants in terms of feeling valued will start to show as he will see signs that he is valued and that he is protected by those who see his worth and recognise the things that he means under things that he says.

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