Venus in Gemini and Venus in Scorpio Relationship

 Venus in Scorpio and Venus in Gemini relationship. Let’s talk about it. I think at the beginning, Venus in Scorpio really likes the way that Venus in Gemini is lighthearted and able to communicate. It seems like they can share parts of themselves, and share how they think. So Venus in Scorpio gets a really good insight into who Venus in Gemini is.

@clarissakexplainsitall Replying to @isee.ilove Venus in Gemini and Venus in Scorpio relationship. When love wants to play versus when love wants depth. Let's talk about it 💕 More Venus insights here:@Clarissa K Spiritual Wellness @Clarissa K Spiritual Wellness @Clarissa K Spiritual Wellness ♬ original sound - Clarissa K Spiritual Wellness

There are just some other things, other qualities that Venus in Gemini has that Venus in Scorpio will eventually rub them up the wrong. For instance, Venus in Gemini is so open, and communicative and wants to be around different energies so they can be simulated by their environment. Whereas Venus in Scorpio is going to be more intimate with their setting, wanting to be in more of a companionship dynamic. Venus in Scorpio wants to explore emotional depth with their partner together in fulfilling and mystical ways.

Gemini Venus Likes To Play

Venus in Gemini may feel like they want to remain in the light. They want to remain in the surface, as Venus in Scorpio may perceive it to be. Venus in Gemini wants to be around things that stimulate them, and have conversations. Whereas Venus and Scorpio emotionally know everything already, so they do not feel like they need to have more of an exploration through other people. They would rather explore knowledge and emotional understanding, emotional intelligence through the dynamics of their own relationship.

Scorpio Venus Needs Intensity

Venus is in detriment when in Scorpio energy, so it can feel as though the nature of Venus wants to be a part of more intense energies, more about energies that are lies underneath.

Venus Scorpio and a Venus Gemini Relationship

So what can make the relationship work between a Venus Scorpio and a Venus Gemini? Depth! There is a need for compromise. Venus in Scorpio will need to be able to be a part of that stimulating energy that Gemini likes. Venus in Gemini will have to want to the explore emotional intelligence that Venus in Scorpio needs to receive, need to feel. Ultimately, they can make the relationship work with lots of consideration. I hope this helps.

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